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Our global network is supported by active participation in significant national and international forums.

Asia Business Forum

The stated purpose of Asia Business Forum is to exchange and build on experience via research, meetings, dialogue and cooperation with prominent leaders and executives from Danish companies that have an interest.

Asia Business Forum was established as a result of cooperation between The Asia Research Centre (ARC) of Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and The Asia House Foundation (AHF). The organization is financially independent and self-governing. Its purpose is to exchange and build on experience via research, meetings, dialogue and cooperation with prominent leaders from Danish companies with an interest in Asia. At the same time, it is to ensure that politicians’ attention is drawn to matters pertaining to Asia. It aims to help Danish corporate leaders, Asian companies and organizations as well as Danish authorities and organizations that focus on furthering and developing business relations in Asia.

The organization receives financial support from a selection of larger companies. Companies can apply for membership of Asia Business Forum and in this way enter a process of ongoing collaboration and exchange of experience and knowledge regarding the Asian market.

Danish-Chinese Business Forum

Danish-Chinese Business Forum is an independent, non-profit, executive network organisation that aims to strengthen commercial ties between Denmark, Southern Sweden and China. Danish-Chinese Business Forum acts as an enabler of knowledge exchange among companies and organisations with a common interest in Danish-Chinese business relations.

Founded in 2005, the network today counts more than 500 business executives. Having received official recognition from both Danish and Chinese authorities, Danish-Chinese Business Forum is acknowledged as the prime link between Danish and Chinese commercial interests.

Activities include: Member meetings for executives to meet and share knowledge regarding the Chinese market; a Knowledge base containing topics from outsourcing to intellectual property rights; Working groups within energy, cleantech, medico/pharma, food, agriculture, design, tourism, education and innovation; and Reception of high-level Chinese authorities and company representatives.

American Chamber of Commerce

AmCham is a non-profit organization that is politically independent. The organization is approved by the American Chamber of Commerce and its purpose is to further and help create better connections between businesses in Denmark and the US. The organization has a wide array of companies as members and has relations all over the world. It is in the position of being among the top ten most influential non-political organizations in the world.

AmCham’s interest is to strengthen globalization, and Global-Eyes can draw on these relations as an integral part of the company’s operations.

Global-Eyes is also an active participant in the American Chamber of Commerce Japan, Danish Chamber of Commerce Japan, Confederation of Danish Industry, Danish Management Society (DSV-VL50), I.C.C., and other bodies.